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•  Advance Micro controller based 1-99 zone PA console Panel
•  Modular design, plug in type solid state
•  Keypad with feather touch switches for zone selection.
•  Gooseneck mike attached for announcement
•  All call switch is available
•  Music player attachable facility(Optional)
•  Mains, AC fail, fuse blown LED indication
•  Transparent glass in front with locking arrangement.
•  Inbuilt battery charger and battery space (upto 25AH)
•  Analogue meters to measure AC supply, Battery current and
    DC operating voltage
•  Amplifier wattage can be customized depending upon requirements
I/P Supply: 230V AC
Standby Supply: 24 V DC / 36 V DC
Current Consumption: Customized
End of Line: NA
Detection O/P: NA
Hooter O/P: 70 to 100V AC
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