Digitally Addressable System \ Control Panels \ Networkable Panel PX-16E/32E

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•  Advanced microprocessor based DIGITAL ADDRESSABLE fire alarm panel
•  2 - 32 Zone digitally addressable zones
•  Each zone supports 32 Adressable devices (anycombination)
•  Supports ASES addressable MCP Monitor Module & CZMU.
•  32 Character field programmable point text for each Sensor
•  40 X 2 Character LC Display
•  Networkable / Stand Alone Models
•  Zone wise sounder circuit
•  Event Logging with RTC
•  TCP/IP Based Remote Monitoring (Optional)
•  PC Based Graphic Software for easy monitoring (Optional)
•  Field Programming through ATX Keyboard
•  All Zone wiring circuits are supervised
•  Operates on 220V 50Hz Ac Mains Power
•  24V DC Stand-by with built in charger
•  RS 485 port for Repeater Panel
•  Zone isolation facility.
•  Zone wise fire, fault & isolation LED indication
Primary Power: AC: 180-250 VAC +/- 10%-15%, 50 Hz.
Standby Power: 24V D.C (2 No's of 12V, 7 Ah battery (Max, Built in for 12Ah) Sealed Lead acid   battery
Operating Condition
Operating Temperature: 0 - 49 ℃
Relative Humidity: 93 ± 2% RH (non-condensing)
Charging Circuit
Charging Voltage: 27 V, ± 0.2V
Nominal Charging Current: 500mA (Max).
Notification Appliance Circuits
Wiring: Class B, Style - Y
Operating normal Voltage: 24 VDC
End-Of-Line Resistor: 4K7, ½ watt
D.C. Output
Supervised: 24VDC
Signaling line Circuits
Zone: 2-32 Nos
Maximum No Devices per Zone: 32 Nos
Zone Current: 96mA (Max)
Initiating Device Circuits
Class B Style Y Operation.
Normal operation Voltage: 22-23.5 VDC.
Alarm Current: 30 - 45mA
Short Circuit Current: 96mA Max
Zone resistance: 110 Max
End-Of-Line Resistor: 4K7, 1/2 watt
Standby Current: 240mA (200mA for Detectors)
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