Conventional System \ Panels \ IRIS 2/4 Zone

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•  Fully Confirm IS 2189.
•  Zone Wise Fire Fault LED Indication.
•  Zone Wise Isolation Facility.
•  Auto Dialer Attachable Facility.
•  Mains ON, system ON, charger ON, visual indications.
• Potential Free Contact Facility.
•  External s/w for reset, silence, lamp test
•  Inbuilt Buzzer.
•  16x2 line LCD display.
•  Inbuilt Battery charger & Battery space.
•  Operates on 230 V 50 Hz AC supply.
•  Potential free contract facility.

Technical Specifications:
Power I/P: 230V AC/24 VDC
Power Consumption: 30watt/200watt (Normal/fire)
End of Line: 4K7
No. of Zones: 4
Detection O/P supply: 24V DC
Hooter O/P supply: 24V DC
Operating Temperature: 0 Deg C to 55 Deg C
Operating Humidity: 95% (Non-condensing)
Mechanical Specifications:
Cabinet Type:MS
Colour:Off White / Red
Paint:Powder Coating
Knock Out:20 mm
Dimension:350 x 105 x 255 mm
Weight:4.7 kg without battery
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