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ASES Fixed Temperature Linear Heat Detection Cable range consists of twin conductores of extremely low resistance (.05 Ohm/ft.) tri-metallic conductors, sheathed in new advanced thermal polymers.

These polymers are chemically engineered to breakdown at specific fixed temperatures allowing the conductors to make contact and initiate an alarm at the control panel without any calibration for changes in ambient temperatures.

The factor in determining which detection temperature wire to use is the maximum ambient temperature of the hazard area or equipment to be protected. The proper temperature model must be selected to provide the fastest alarm response to a potential fire condition without creating false alarm conditions. In the selection process its critical to consider the hazard areas highest potential ambient temperature.

Construction: Overall insulated, tri metalic twin conductor

Additional Insulation Options: Nylon / SS

Approvals: UL listed

Minimum bend radius: 50 mm (2")

Twin- conductor switching heat sensing cable.

Environmental-65° C to + 200° C

7 detection temperature ranges from 68° C to 180° C

Simple interface to any BS5839 system

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