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•  Fully confirms IS 2189
•  Operates on 230 V AC, 50 Hz AC supply
•  Battery backup with built in charger
•  System On, AC fail, silence visual indications.
•  Battery Low& Common fire/fault indications
•  Two mode selection facility (Auto/Manual).
•  Manual Gas Release without timer (optional)
•  Gas Inhibition and Instant Release Facility
•  Cross zoning facility.
•  Actuator Pressure Low Sensing
•  Zone wise fire / fault status in unambiguous colored LED indications.
•  Feather touch switches for auto/manual mode selection, manual release,
    manual abort, Disable operations
•  UP/DOWN switch for delay time setting
•  External s/w for reset, Silence, Lamp test.
•  Sov line monitoring facility and line status through LED display
•  LED indication for valve operations and gas discharged.
•  7-segment display for discharged delay time setting.
•  Key lock for enabling and disabling of control switches
•  Relay O/P for actuators.
•  Common fire, fault and predischarge potential free contacts.
•  Enough inside space for battery
•  Attachable with all types of fire detectors.
•  Rugged CRCA sheet with powder coated finish
Panel Operating Condition Operating Voltage 
AC Power: 220v AC, 50Hz ± 10%
Standby: 24v DC
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40°C
Operating Humidity Zone Operating Condition: 95% (non-condensing)
Normal Zone Voltage: 23v DC
Open Threshold Current: 4.4 mA
Short Threshold Current: 35 mA
Fire Threshold Current: 15 - 35 mA
Hooter Output: 750mA @24v DC (Normal)
NB: Hooter output current can be increased as per customer requirement.
Remote Outputs
Fire Contact1 (C,NO,NC): 240v AC @ 7Amp /24v DC@ 7Amp
Fault Contact1 (C,NO,NC): 240v AC @ 7Amp /24v DC@ 7Amp
Cross Zoning (C,NO,NC): 240v AC @ 7Amp /24v DC@ 7Amp
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