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•  Hi Speed micro controller based fire, intruder, and temperature panel.
•  Fire Zone, Intruder Zone, temperature sensing zone panels.
•  Smoke Detector, Magnetic door contact, RTD Rod connection.
•  Exit delay & temperature range variable facility.
•  Beat usage for small telephone exchange (Mobile Tower)
•  Extra Potential free contact for fire, Temperature, Intruder.
•  Lamp Test, rest, silence, self test facility.
Power I/P: 230vac/48vdc/-48vdc
Housing Color: White
No. of Zones: (1 +1+1)
End of Line: 4K 7¼Watt
Power consumption: 20 watt/200 Watt(Normal/Fire)
Weight(without Batt.): 5 Kg
Detection o/p: 24V DC
Hooter o/p: 24V DC
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