Conventional System \ Special Devices \ BH-MS-2 (2-in-1)

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•  Hi-Intensive sound (80 to 100 db) speaker for fire alarm
•  Three feature in a single cabinet
•  Easy to installation
•  MS chain hammer to break glass.
•  Push to on switch to activate talkback system (optional).
Sounder 24 v DC 
Power I/P: 24 VDC
Sound O/P: 80 - 100dB (Upto 10 feet)
Current consumption: 350 mA @24 VDC
Speaker: 5 Watt (ASES )
Speaker (optional) 
Power I/P: 70-100 V AC
Sound O/P: 100dB (Upto 10 feet)
Speaker: 5 Watt (ASES)
Manual call point 
Power I/P: 24 V DC
Current Consumption (Normal /Fire): NA / 30MA
Visual Indication: Duel LED
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