Public Addressable System \ Amplifire \ ASA-350w

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•  In-built Bluetooth facility.
•  Active bass and treble control.
•  LED Array for output level.
•  Multiple inputs for 5 Mikes / 2 Aux source.
•  Equiped with 8 Pcs. Toshiba 5200 Transistors
•  Instant transfer to DC power if AC power fails.
•  19" Rack Mountable Sturdy Chasis in 3U Height
•  Preamplifier And Line Out for connecting to a booster amplifier and
    for recording the programme.
•  External speaker connections are provided for 4 & 8 Ohms
    and 70V, 100V line.
•  Provided with fans to keep the amplifier cool enabling trouble free
    operations under extreme climate conditions.
•  Line Input for connecting the output from any external mixer
Power Requirements: AC 220-240 V 50/60 Hz
   DC 36 V (3 X 12 V CAR BATTERY)
Power Output: 350 W (Max.)
Input Channels: 5 Mikes 2 Aux.
   1 USB Port 1 SD / MMC Card Reader
Frequency Response : 50-15000 Hz ± 3dB
Tone Control: Low : ± 10dB at 100Hz,
   Hi : ± 10dB at 10KHz,
Pre-amp. Output: 200mV / 600 Ohms
Line Output: 1V/1K Ohms
Signal To Noise Ratio: 60dB
Output Taps For: 2-4-8 Ohms
Speaker Matching: 70V-100V Line
Weight (approx.): 24.000 Kg.
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