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 An effective way to stop vandalism, misuse or theft of fire extinguishers. Fed up with replacing or recharging misused fire extinguishers! Here is an effective way to stop such theft and vandalism. This stopper uses a time-tested, steel-cable-operated switch mechanism. It allows the extinguisher to be used for fire fighting at any time, but sounds a piercing alarm when the extinguisher is moved from its normal position. Easy to install and fits all fire extinguisher models.
Operating Voltage:9 VDC (Inbuilt Battery)
Current Consumption (Fire):160mA
Battery Life:Up to 12 Months (In normal condition)
Application Temp Range:0 Deg C to 55 Deg C
Sound Intensity:85 db
Humidity:5 to 95% Relative Humidity (Non condensing)
Weight:350 gm
Dimensions (mm):135x137x50 (WxHxD)
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